December 10, 2004

Scott Peterson: Life or Death?

Personally, I can't wait for the facts of the Peterson case to finally come out after the sentencing phase is over. I want to know what the jury heard for the past 6 months. All I have heard so far was circumstantial evidence which I don't believe was enough to convict him let alone if they decide to do it, give him the death penalty. I think it is a sad statement if he happens to be innocent, that anyone can be put to death because of flimsy evidence and circumstances. I honestly don't know if he is guilty or innocent, I want to know all the evidence that was given. No crime scene, no weapon, no detectable way of how Laci and Conner died. It drives me nutz! People say he is guilty. How do they know? Only the people in the court heard all the evidence, how can you make a judgement like that without knowing ALL the evidence? Then legal analysts kept bringing up the question of "Why would someone want to set up Scott Peterson?" It's not that they had a vendetta if that in fact is what happened. It's that they knew from the beginning what his alibi was, where he said he was the morning she disappeared. If someone else had done it, wouldn't the smart thing to do be to put the body in the place where the main suspect said he was? There are just too many holes and that is what bothers me about a death penalty case. I need to know all the evidence. I will find out soon. I also want to find out what the last juror who was taken out of the mix was doing and why he was replaced, was he leaning towards innocence or guilt? Why wasn't the jury sequestered after the verdict and taken right away to start the penalty proceedings? I have a lot of questions? If he is guilty I pray for his soul, If he is innocent I pray for his life.

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