April 14, 2005

Not Letting Go --- At Americas Expense

I don't know about some of you. Though I can guarantee that those of you who voted for President Bush are fed up with it. I am talking about the nastiness that seems to just ooze from those who call themselves the voices of America. Some Democrats and Liberals who are supposedly speaking for "middle" America. At least that is how they see it. I don't think so. The last time I looked, I was part of middle class America. The election showed that I am in the majority as a matter of fact.

The election is over. This is not like the year 2000 where the election was contested and protested and the President was labeled illegitimate. President George W. Bush won!

This election was anything but illegitimate although some would like to throw that shadow on the President yet again. This time it won't work.

Everything President Bush has tried to do with domestic policy has been ridiculed, everyone he has nominated has been dragged through the mud. Cheney, Condi Rice, Gonzalez, Bolton, Crawford (FDA) and the list will continue to grow.

Maybe we should take each one of them and drag their lives and associates through the mud. I can bet that would throw the entire D.C. "Beltway" region into chaos!
Have all politicians trembling with fear knowing that the American public has had enough and are now going to put every last one of them under a microscope. Wouldn't it be interesting to see them run for the hills. It's sad but true.

Democrats can't seem to pin anything juicy on the President so now they are trying to go after an ally of his in the Senate. Tom Delay. Someone who has influence, and now they are trying to defame and slander him.

I don't think this will end until there is a Democrat in the White House again. However, it won't even then. Because sadly, it will be the Republicans turn.

I say to the Liberals and the Democrats who seem to have embraced the far left wing agenda; keep screaming, keep insulting, keep lying, and keep whining. All you will succeed in doing is continue to lose elections.

All you are managing to do is alienate more of your base and reaffirm what conservatives believe and what others around the country are starting to see with their own eyes. The obstruction by the Democrats to move forward.

So here we are. American citizens caught in the middle of it all. Nothing will be accomplished if the Democrats continue on this course of hatred for President Bush. All because they don't want him to get credit for anything in his last term in office.

That is a sad statement for the Democrats and a bad example of democracy. Sacrificing our future for their stubbornness and wounded pride.

Thank you John Kerry, Barbara Boxner, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Ted Kennedy and all your other associates for caring more about your own personal agenda than the American people you swore to serve.

Oh and John Kerry, during the Senate Hearings, why on earth did you have to reveal the name of a CIA agent? Surprised you heard that here? Well, if you had watched the hearings with Bolton, guess what? Smart guy John Kerry actually identified another CIA agent. Nothing said so far about it. No one is complaining. Nada, zilch, nothing.
Hmmm...interesting. Not surprising.
However, I am surprised others don't see the hypocrisy.

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