August 31, 2005

K A T R I N A !

Just as they predicted. A devastating hurricane. 100 people have lost their lives in one county alone and fears that the death toll will only continue to rise.

A breathtaking Category 4 Hurricane when it finally made landfall.
Hitting Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi, but it is not done yet.

Let's not forget where this monster of a storm began. A Category 1 hurricane when it hit Florida. Now as it heads northeast it is spreading havoc throughout all states in its path. Tennessee, Ohio, New York etc. Flooding is widespread. This was a monster!

Monday, New Orleans thought the brunt of the storm had gone east and it had, however, the levees broke and by Tuesday 80% of the city of New Orleans was underwater.

Health risks are now a major focus as the rescue operations start to wind down. Thousands in the affected states are without power and water.

I send my prayers to those that have had to deal with the devastation and heartbreak. May God bless them and give them strength.

I have a problem with something that was said during the 24/7 news coverage on the storm.

It was noted that 20% of the population in New Orleans were unable to evacuate because they did not have their own vehicle and could not find a way out of the city.

That is TOTALLY unacceptable! This had become a MANDATORY evacuation. That should have meant that if people did not have a means to evacuate on their own, they should have been helped.

I hope that the people have their say and remember this when it comes time to vote again. I don't care what affiliation you are. This cannot be tolerated or accepted.

Lives should not be gauged by the size of one's wallet.

Oh, any well wishers from other countries lately? Let me know, I haven't heard anything.

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