October 14, 2005



To all the people of Iraq
This is your Independence day,
time for your voice to be heard yet again
And this day has been a long time coming
Many have lost their lives from all over the world to see this day arrive
The passing of this constitution will be the biggest victory far surpassing the elections of January 2005,
It will be a thorn in the side of the terrorists and a message to them saying " we don't want your kind of country, we want our own country back!"
I have faith in all of the Iraqi people
I know the violence has reached it's boiling point and all in Iraq except the terrorists have said "enough is enough!"
They realize they have a chance for their future.
They now know the United States will not leave them this time
It's time to do their part and seal the deal
Make Iraq what she can ultimately be
A shining beacon of hope, prosperity and peace in the Middle East.
Good Luck and may peace be with you!

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