April 07, 2006

Illegal Immigrants and Amnesty

What part of Illegal don't people understand?

Illegal, according to the Merriam Webster's Dictionary is:

Not according to or authorized by law.

Therefore illegal immigrants are RESIDING in and TAKING ADVANTAGE of the United States' citizens' resources without proper authorization.

Sounds simple enough to understand to me, but hey I am not a lawyer (sarcasm).

I keep hearing about these planned protests that are going to take place where some
"legal" and some "illegal" immigrants are suppose to either walk off their jobs or
just not go into work that day. If that is what they want to do, fine. However, I don't think trying to blackmail the American public will go over well.

I have even heard comments about how peaceful the protests have been "so far".
So far? I think they need to think twice before trying something like what is
happening in France these days.

France might not have a National Guard, but we do.

And I somehow get the feeling that President Bush wouldn't hesitate to use them.

As far as amnesty goes? They should have to get to the end of the line. They should have to follow the same rules as everyone else. A guest worker program to me is not a bad idea, I mean don't we have one anyway? Isn't that what a work visa is?

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