July 16, 2006

Evans-Novak Political Forum

Have you ever dreamed of spending a few minutes with the country's top leaders? [hell yes!]

Have you ever wanted to have an opportunity to ask them questions no one else seems to ask, or just "get a read" on them, face to face? [all the time!]

Twice each year, Bob Novak brings several of the nation's leaders to meet with a select group of citizens in a one-day, strictly off-the-record Evans-Novak Political Forum.

The only downfall to this opportunity is that it costs $595.00 just to reserve the seat, that's not taking into account the costs of a motel or hotel, food and transportation to get there!

Bob Novak makes final speaker invitations based on breaking news and national events, so no one knows the final lineup until shortly before the meeting.

To give you an idea of the caliber of speakers who will join us, here is a partial list of recent Forum participants:

Dick Cheney, Vice President
Colin Powell, former Secretary of State
Al Gore, former Vice President
Sen. Bill Frist, Senate Majority Leader
Sen. Harry Reid, Senate Minority Leader
Sen. Dick Durbin Senate Minority Whip
Condoleezza Rice, Secretary of State
Ken Mehlman, RNC Chairman
Steve Forbes, President & CEO, Forbes, Inc.
George Tenet, former Director of the CIA
Rep. Dennis Hastert, Speaker of the House
Carlos Guitierrez, Secretary of Commerce
John Bolton, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations

Each guest speaks briefly about the issues of the day, then opens the floor to questions -- any question. The answers are frank and open because there are no reporters. This meeting is 100 percent off the record.

The topics to be discussed include the economy, the War on Terror, the current political situation on Capitol Hill, and a preview of the 2006 mid-term and 2008 presidential elections.


All conversations are strictly off the record
No recording devices will be allowed
Conference includes lunch
Given the stature of some of the speakers increased security is likely

Time and Location of Evans-Novak Political Forum

Thursday, September 21, 2006
7:30AM - 4PM
Washington, DC

Source: email from Tom Winter
President and Editor in Chief, Human Events on behalf of
Evans-Novak Political Report
One Massachusetts Ave., N.W.
Washington, DC 20001

Zipcard2 says:

If only .........

........I had money to burn!

........I had started school earlier and was making the money I hope to make when I graduate!

........I knew someone who was rich! LOL!

Oh well.....guess I'll just have to wait and continue to dream.

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