October 25, 2006

Where is all the outrage?

Where is the outrage?

Today I was talking to one of the doctors I work with and we ended up in a debate over the President, Iraq yadda yadda yadda.

Do you recall Jack Murtha and John Kerry calling our soldiers killers and terrorists?

I do! They were guilty before any kind of investigation was done.

Where were they when two of our soldiers were found, brutalized with their hearts cut out and other things done to them.

According to the military they had to use DNA just to identify them because they were so badly tortured dental records would not even help?

I understand they have a political agenda but my God! These were Americans!

Where was the outcry from the politicians and the news media? Where were the journalists and editors?

The only place I heard outrage was FoxNews.

It disgusts me!

PFC Thomas Tucker and PFC Kristian Menchaca.....Fallen Heroes; may they rest in peace.

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