February 26, 2007

The Truth About Iraq? Perhaps it is Whoever You Choose to Believe

Read the post prior to this one before answering.

For some time I have been hearing, like many of you have; "the Sunni's and Sh'ia have been enemies for centuries, they are natural enemies". Yet I also know of Sunni and Shia living together, even marrying each other, living in peace as muslims. These people only want to live in peace; they do not want murder and torture as part of their everyday life.

If you believe that they do, I have some swamp land in Florida or some more kool-aid for you to drink.

For those who choose to believe Iraq is unwinnable, why do you believe that?

Are you listening to all the naysayers? Or perhaps you are listening to the politicians who have many political agendas.

Another question for you: What makes the fighting in Iraq a civil war?

The bombings and violence, as shown from information gathered from reliable sources on the ground in Iraq, paint a different picture.
Our wonderful media refuses to report this information. The information shows Sunni on Sunni and Sh'ia on Sh'ia violence. How is that a civil war? That sounds to me like some Iraqi's are getting help from foreign fighters.

However, some of you do not believe that, you would rather drink the kool-aid being passed out by the far left and the media.

I am just trying to figure out why some cannot see the bigger picture here.

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