October 08, 2008

ACORN is at it again but this election is the most important election we have had in a long time!

They are under investigation and at least seven states are part of the investigation. Among these states are Ohio and Pennsylvania and Nevada, battleground states. I suppose it doesn't hurt that Obama was a lawyer for them at one time and defended them in previous fraud allegations.

Can someone say "conflict of interest"? And if he can associate with these people who are now admitting to being involved in fraud, is he really as clean and honest as he says, maybe he needs a morality check.

I am amazed that democrats and liberals alike are willing to push all this aside just to win an election, throwing their own morals out the window. Are you really willing to ignore the fact that there might be more surprises for us if Obama wins this election? Is it worth the risk? What about after the economy gets better, what are we left when then?

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