August 09, 2009

Silent No More

The conspiracy grows! (At least that is what the government is calling it). Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and people of all creeds, religions, and ideologies continue to speak out against some of Washington's agenda, and the list continues to grow. People, no AMERICANS, have had enough! The spending in Washington and the debt of our nation has many AMERICANS up in arms. The lightening rod of the new Washington agenda is Nationalized Healthcare. If you are against it you are called "anti-American" and part of an "angry mob".

My boyfriend told me after the election, "don't worry, the Democrats will eventually shoot themselves in the foot, they always do". Well, lo and behold, they have. These kinds of statements about those who oppose what the Government wants to accomplish is backfiring. AMERICANS have finally woken up and the fears of the Government running every aspect of our lives has finally sunk in. Here is a link to YouTube for some of the Townhall events that have taken place: Townhall Meetings

If you disagree with the Government's Nationalized healthcare plan, its out-of-control spending, and its need to regulate our lives, do you like being called un-American? I highly doubt anyone with a free spirit, a free mind, and believes in every American's right to freedom of speech would agree.

If freedom of speech is taken away from us what liberty is next?

Watch this video and think about it

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