October 08, 2011

Its funny, the left including Nancy Pelosi and others having painted the Tea Party Movement as a bunch of racists that want to bring down the country, yet they are praising the Wall Street Occupier Movement as patriotic. One only has to see some of the Wall Street Occupiers and hear their message to realize that they have no message. One protestor even said "we aren't looking for solutions just revolution".  Some media are saying the movement is growing and represents most of America. Really?

Look at it this way, the left needed something that could neutralize the Tea Party's movement and they believe this is the answer. Many of the Wall Street Occupiers believe capitalism is the culprit to all the economic problems we are having. Not so, capitalism is the main reason why we became a world power and not a third-world country.  They blame the banks for the housing fiasco, do they realize that Congress instructed the banks to ease up on their lending practices so more people could own houses? Never mind that some should have never gotten a house in the first place because they couldn't afford it yet. Don't you think some homeowners are to blame for that?

When do we stop blaming everyone else and start taking responsibility for our own actions. Owning a house is not a right nor a necessity. Most times it takes sacrifice, hard work and a long time. Most of our parents spent many years saving to buy a house, it was not given to them.

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