December 08, 2004

21 Billion Dollars! UN's Oil For Food Program

$21 billion!
That's an awful lot of money. Why won't Kofi Annan cooperate with the investigations going on? Should we withhold some of the money that we give them for their food and the nice places they live? Hell, they live better than most of our own people in this country. Do we honestly think he didn't know what was going on all this time in the U.N.? Why do you think countries like France, Germany, Russia and China wouldn't back us when it came time for Saddam Hussein to abide by the UN resolutions?
They were on the take!
Is there anyone out there who really thinks otherwise still?
This money was suppose to help the Iraqi people. Not Saddam or members of the United Nations get rich. It is blood money. Russia wants a reward for forgiving Iraq 80% of it's debts it owes them? I say the debt should be wiped out as well as all debts owed to any country, even if we were involved also, to pay the Iraqi's back for the money that was stolen from them.
What does the UN think about that?

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