December 14, 2004

Scott Peterson Gets DEATH !

Well, he did get DEATH. It could also be 10-20-30 years before it actually happens. Listening to the analysts it makes sense in a way, he will be glad in one way because he won't be in the general population, not having to watch over his shoulder every second of the day wondering who wants to kill him. We all know he has a death sentence in the eyes of the San Quentin State Prison inmate population because of the nature of the crime. Yet I am still interested in the details of the trial. I also still have my doubts. 3 Jurors spoke after the penalty decision came down in a press conference. My mind is somewhat at ease hearing the 2 male jurors talk about some of the reasons they came up with there decision. They didn't seem to take pleasure in their decision or show hatred towards Peterson. They genuinely felt remorse and saddened but at the same time affirmed and confident they had made the right and moral decision in this case. I guess that puts my mind at ease. The female (Strawberry shortcake-her nickname)just seemed to hate him, but also comfortable in her decision as well.

I DO NOT however like Amber Frey's attorney Gloria Aldred trashing Scott Peterson as usual, kicking someone when they are down, she has no class. I also feel she should have been gagged along with the rest of the players involved in the case. Why the judge didn't do that is beyond me. I am so tired of hearing this woman! And lo and behold Amber wants to right a book but her attorney says Amber wont speak about the penalty decision out of respect for Laci, Conner and Laci's family. If she actually felt that way, she wouldn't even think about taking advantage of the death of Laci and Connor and writing a book, or if she does, she would use all the money for a fund for missing persons and children or another charity. No, she is going to take advantage of this tragedy, take a book deal, rumor has it that one is already in the works, take the money and her attorney Gloria Aldred gets some of the money too. How pathetic is that?

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