December 19, 2004

Kansas Crackpot/Murderer

Lisa Montgomery is a pure monster, the definition of evil. This is a sad and sickening story. Just when I think society can't get any sicker along comes this disgusting person. This is the story that started in Missouri and lead us to Kansas. How sick can you get? Strangling a soon-to-be-mother and cutting out her 8 month old baby while still in the womb. This goes beyond sick. Not only does she not tell her husband that she lost HER own child, she tells him that she has just given birth to THEIR child and he heads out to meet her at a parking lot. I mean, come on, are either of these people very bright to begin with? I say if Scott Peterson can get the death penalty then so can Lisa Montgomery. She knew exactly what she was doing. This was a cold and calculated, planned and carried out crime. It's a federal offense because she crossed state lines and that makes the crime eligible for the death penalty. That is exactly what the prosecutors should persue! Was the husband behind this too? I wonder.

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