December 28, 2004

One Of The World's Worst Disasters Of Our Time

Over 10 nations in Southeast Asia and Eastern Africa affected by the 9.0 earthquake that hit under the ocean floor. Experts say it was over 648 miles long under the ocean. The earthquake was so powerful scientists say it interrupted the rotation of the planet for a matter of 3 milliseconds, it was so powerful, it also moved some of the islands, although it is not known how far as of yet. The Tsunami it caused moved at almost 500 miles an hour. With a height of almost 32 to 50 feet. Nothing but destruction and devastation did it leave in its path.

The death toll as of the time I am writing this is at 52,000 people with over 2,000 still missing. It was the height of the tourism season there. It took not only the people who lived on these countries shores but it took the tourists from all over the world with it too. The race is on to clean up, claim the deceased (if possible) and bury the dead before the drinking water and soil become contaminated and widespread diseases start to emerge along with hunger.

My heart and prayers go out to those who lost loved ones. God Bless Them

**NOTE** A good site for information on this disaster with an animation on the movement of the Tsunami, click on link below:


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