January 13, 2005

The World Of Blogging!

Enter the 21st century. Many things have carried over from the 20th century.
Perhaps the most monumental was the expanded use of the personal computer.
What once was used in only a small number of households in the early 1980's exploded into nearly every household in America and across the world at the end of 1999 having at least one.
Quietly internet users set up homepages to display information about themselves, a sort of short autobiography.

Enter the Blog. Sort of a diary with an open end discussion board.
Blogging has been around for awhile, but only recently was given worldwide notice through the media. Showing the power and influence of the almighty pen ( ahh, or shall I say keyboard).
Blogs in the form of everything from personal hobbies to current events, from actual soldiers in Iraq to citizens in Iraq, hearing stories first hand, from conservatives to liberals and everyone in between. All interesting reading, some confrontational, depending on where you stand on any one issue, but usually giving you the chance to comment on the posted article written, whether pro or con and thus the conversation starts.

Let me tell you. It takes all kinds from all walks of life! The comments can get heated from either side at any given time. I would like to say that people are respectful to each other but that would be just false.
After all, we are talking about humans here with emotions running high at times. I like the comments that are posted who can come up with cool, collective remarks even in the face of insults, who can make their point without demeaning anyone. Those are the ones who are sure of themselves. Those are the ones that interest me. Those are the ones in my view, who can win the debate, whatever the debate may be.

So check out a blog sometime, now that you know what they are all about. I am sure you will find one that catches your eye.

Have fun, leave a message! See what happens!

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