February 21, 2005

What Has The UN Done?

I take this partial list with a grain of salt:

-set standards for human rights based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

-promoted self-determination with over 80 Member States achieving independence since 1945

-led the international effort to eradicate illiteracy especially amongst girls and women

-undertaken peace-making in troubled areas such as in Afghanistan, El Salvador and the Iran- Iraq war

-battled poverty and promoted sustainable development in over 170 countries through UNDP

-helped focus economic policy on human need

-promoted children's rights through the Convention on the Rights of the Child

-promoted a greater recognition of women's rights through INSTRAW and UNIFEM

-pioneered 'children as a zone of peace' to support children in conflict zones

-provided aid and prevented starvation by distributing 2 million tons of food each year(WFP).

*These are some of the things the United Nations has been credited for accomplishing throughout its history as a World Organization
See full list here.
Be sure to notice at the end of the report "Courtesy of the UN"

However, I also have to ask myself perhaps at the risk of sounding to others like one who is paranoid, the few I listed above I strongly disagree with. If these things have been accomplished, to what end and at what cost? I see serious contradictions to the previous list of accomplishments mentioned above. They have failed in countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Congo and the Sudan and who knows where else.
*The previous scandals we have seen emerge I fear are only the tip of the iceberg. Who knows what else is lurking under the rubble of what is quickly becoming a World Organization with no leader, no morals and no soul.

Stay tuned..................

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