March 03, 2005

Freedom---The Beat Goes On

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We as a nation,and a people, need to take a step back and look at this picture. Look at the big picture. We already have heard about the Iranian students urging democratic reform, and parts of Syrian society growing weary of their totalitarian leaders. Their governments can't keep the yearning and hunger for freedom and liberty at bay forever.

We have already begun to see major changes in Eastern Europe and in the Middle East:

1.) Ukranian Elections
2.) Afghanistan Elections
3.) Palestinian Elections
4.) Iraqi Elections

Think about it, these are changes that 10 years ago, if you had said this to people, they would have thought you were crazy. But it is becoming a reality. Day by day the hunger for democracy is growing, it can't and won't be quelled.

Deep down in the souls of man in all the lands where freedom is denied, the fire truly has been lit. It is closer to becoming a reality than ever before in history.


Updated 3/4/05......

The domino affect may be starting to take place just as President George W. Bush said it would. European leaders are begrudgingly starting to soften their stance towards the United States and Bush by offering more NATO troops to step up the pace in training Iraqi soldiers.

Saudi Arabia has agreed to let women vote in the next election. Egypt is talking of having open elections. Syria is being pushed out of Lebanon, first the Lebanese people spoke, then the world spoke.

Things are changing rapidly. Whether some of these countries are truly changing their ways only time will tell, but freedom does seem to be on the march and people are grabbing the opportunity. It seems as though Afghanistan and Iraq has opened the door for many POSITIVE changes in the middle east.

To Be Continued..................

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